Welcome to Prova Brazil

Prova BrazilProva Brazil, located in the heart of Hyannis on Main Street offers a beautiful setting for lunch and evening dining.

Come in and enjoy the freshest food and generously filled glasses, served by our warm and friendly staff. Order from our extensive menu or enjoy our bountiful buffet.

Prova Brazil

Prova {Pr-oh-va}; verb

  • 1. To Taste (translated from Portuguese)
  • 2. To Try (translated from Italian)

    available - call 508-827-4341

Prova BrazilDerived from the verbs Provare in Italian and Provar in Portuguese, Prova translates simply to try and taste the flavors of our kitchen. Prova is a unique concept derived from an appreciation for cuisines from these two distinct regions of the world. Combining the ingredients, preparation and presentation traditional of these cultures, Prova offers our guests a choice between prepared plates in modern Ristorante fashion, as well as tableside rodizio and self-serve salad bar with accoutrements in old-fashioned churrascaria style.

Prova BrazilWe invite you to taste our culinary creations and try traditional plates from both the Italian and Brazilian cultures of our heritage. Please don’t hesitate to make any requests with your waiter, and we will do our best to accommodate all requests. We strive to make your experience here as wonderful as we can and hope you enjoy our unique style.